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1st Web Studio will help you make any site you want even e-commerce sites. We will be able to set up your shopping cart in OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and much more. The price will vary depending on the amount of information and products you have. Will will ultimately help you from the beginning to the end. (For this we have payment options, so you don’t have to make one big payment.)

Yes, 1st Web Studio has a specialized team that will help you and teaches you how to use your CMS (Content Management System) site like WordPress. Also, 1st Web Studio will provide multiple tutorials for you to learn how to use your CMS site. You can check the tutorial section under blog to get more information about our tutorials and to see if it can help you out on any issues or concerns.

Yes, 1st Web Studio will help you modify your current website we are here to serve you in the best possible way. All consultations are free of charge. So if you have a question of how much will it be to modify your site, please email us at We will also give you free advice on how to improve on your website and even suggest new ideas for the site. For example: “Make your site Responsive,” “Make your site stand out more,” “Make your site more user-friendly” and Many more.

If you don’t have any content at all, we have a specialized team that will help you with all your content needs. Our team charges a one time fee of $500 (This does not apply to e-commerce) for full content and stock pictures. Remember most stock pictures are purchased from a picture selling site that is why that is the price. If you only need content, the team will charge you $200 for adding content to your site. (This does not apply to e-commerce)

Responsive websites depend on the amount of content and information. The price is a lot higher because the creation time is longer than a basic website. Most of the time to make it also more straightforward and more affordable we use a CMS like WordPress. Using a CMS helps us create the site much faster as we already have a lot of different themes built. (Prices vary on client’s needs) (For this we have payment options, so you don’t have to make one big payment.)

Yes, the client provides all the pictures and the content. It’s necessary that the client is sure of what he needs or wants from the website. Also, the client should be able to provide as much content and pictures as possible. We also will help the client with content and photos for an extra cost. For product pictures contact

Well, the time frame of the website completion is based on the client. We take 1 week to get your first proposal. Usually, this consists of a .jpg image of your home page. After the home page is reviewed and accepted by the client, we start the programming process this will take about 3-4 weeks to complete (This is if the client has provided content during these weeks).

Yes we will maintain your e-commerce site for you. We can upload all your products, pictures, descriptions and content that are provided by the client. Of course for this our specialized team will help you maintain your store completely up to date. For this maintenance we charge a monthly minimum fee of $250 per month. We only have set a minimum fee because the client might have say 2000+ products per month that need to be updated or modified, this of course will be more because it will take more time and work to maintain. Please contact one of our representatives if you have questions. (All prices vary based on the client’s needs)

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