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Framework is defined as a packet of files containing a structure of files

In the realm of web design, a framework is defined as a packet containing a structure of files and folders of standardized coding such as HTML, CSS, JS documents among others. It can be used to support the initial development of websites allowing the designer or developer to focus on tasks rather than redesign. Framework for web design is also a set of tools, libraries, conventions, and best practices that attempt to abstract routine procedure into generic modules. Is a way to consolidate these things into one central location, making maintenance a lot more easier to keep and bandwidth cost low. There are basically two types of framework to derive from depending on whether the framework is for presentation layer or application logic layer. Backed front-end, being the first of the two types of available frameworks- is a set of files with libraries to access databases, template structures and session management that serve indirectly in support of the front-end services. Front-end web framework on the other hand, is a collection of production ready HTML/CSS/JavaScript components that can be implemented during web design. Frameworks are effective in the sense that it allows for simplicity and consistency across your website.

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