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Usability is a standard approach for successful Web Design

Usability is a pre-established standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. Is a way to ensure that goals, mental models and requirements are met by building easy to navigate websites. The utility, not the visual design, determine its success or failure since it is the page’s visitor who is in full control of making a decision. User-centric design has then become a standard approach for successful web designing and without it the user would not be able to fulfill his or her need for specific data. Usable websites offer great experiences, and we all know that great experiences lead to satisfied customers. Building interactive websites allow for both the design and development process to be focused around the prospective user, proving that usability in web design more than a commodity is a necessity.

5 Key Principles Of Good Website Usability
1. Accessibility: ensure server up-time, no dead links and responsiveness
2. Clarity: easy to access information all the time and every time
3. Consistency: uniform design implemented across websites
4. Credibility: an honest and precise real company run by real people
5. Relevancy: high-quality content websites gain traffic over the years

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